‘In the world struggling with pollution and harmful chemicals, Ramagya Fresh brings a breeze of originality in your lifestyle.’

The Chairman of Ramagya Group, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, believes in building your own luck and giving back to the society. Every initiative or program the company undertakes is based on the same principle too. In this quest for benefitting the country, Ramagya Fresh focuses on transforming the lifestyle of the nation with fresh and best-quality consumer products.

Ramagya Group started with a dream that Dr. Gupta had seen to provide a proper learning environment to the kids of India. Today, there are 6 schools working towards that dream and now, Mr. Gupta is on a second mission, after completing the first one, which is to provide a healthy, sound and fresh environment to the people of the country. 

Ramagya Fresh is founded with that dream as a mission and vision of the Group. The brand strives to achieve the perfect balance between purity and technology. That is why, you don’t merely bring home a product, you bring home the premium quality that is going to transform the way you live. Their products are free from any artificial colouring, harmful chemicals, and preservatives. As a result, you get the products that are in their purest form. Some of the key aspects of Ramagya Fresh are:

Premium Quality

Your health is our responsibility, therefore premium quality of the products is maintained throughout.


The purity and freshness from the past blended with modern technology; that’s Ramagya Fresh for you.

Handpicked Raw Material

All the raw materials are handpicked directly from the farmers, ensuring utmost freshness

Quality Assessment

The products go through a series of tests to ensure the best quality reaches the consumer.

No Human Contact

Machine handling of all the processes ensures no human contact is involved, keeping your products safe.

Neat Packaging

The fine and neat packaging ensures the customers receive the product in the purest and easy-to-use form.