“Health is the real wealth, not gold and silver.”

Ramagya means with the permission of the almighty. That’s what Ramagya Group is all about- changing lives of people in a positive way with the grace and blessings of God. The vision of Ramagya Group has always been to enrich people with their expertise.

Ramagya Fresh is based on a similar vision of ‘Vishudhi’ and ‘Navta’.

Vishudhi means pure in Sanskrit. At Ramagya Fresh, the foundation of the company is on the word, ‘purity’. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the founder says, ‘A pure soul needs pure products’ and for the utmost purity, Ramagya Fresh presents their wide range of consumer products.

Apnatva means closeness in Sanskrit. Considering the nation as their own family, Ramagya Fresh works tirelessly on making the lives of millions better.

‘India is a land where we believe in ‘Vasudev Kutumbhkam’. We are one family and Ramagya Fresh is founded with the vision of providing a pure and healthy lifestyle to every individual.’

 Says, Mr. Gupta, as he enlightens the lamp in the hearts of million consumers with Ramagya Fresh.