5 Spices that Helps in Sleeping

Sleep is one of the necessities for having good health. It is during sleep that our brain washes away all the toxicity that occurs during work. Sleep rejuvenates both our body and mind, builds our immunity, and has lots of other benefits as well. It is advised to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

However, in recent times, many of us suffer from insomnia. The changes in lifestyle and food habits have somehow affected our sleep cycles. If you are one of them and is looking for a way out, this blog is for you.

At Ramagya Fresh, we always strive to find remedies in natural products. Today, we will share 5 spices that are going to help you in fighting insomnia and having a peaceful night’s sleep. So, what is the wait for? Let’s begin without wasting any more time.


5 Spices that Helps in Sleeping


One of the best remedies for insomnia is nutmeg. The spice is full of myristicin. The component has sedative properties. In addition to it, it also inhibits the secretion stress-inducing enzymes. This, in turn, helps you have a good sleep.

However, keep in mind that if you consume nutmeg in large portions, it can cause hallucinations as well as psychiatric disorders. Therefore, limit its use to a pinch at a time.

Poppy Seeds:

Another spice that can help you get a good night’s sleep is poppy seeds. How it achieves the feat is the spice relieves nervous tension, promoting sound sleep. It is considered a natural opiate.

To get the best effect, take one tablespoon of poppy seeds and soak them in water for two hours. Then, grind them and then boil with two tablespoons of milk. Once that is done, add one teaspoon of sugar into it. Now drink it and sleep like a baby.

In addition to it, poppy seed oil is also an excellent remedy for insomnia.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are a spice that is highly effective in insomnia. The seeds are high in manganese and iron. When taken with tea, it reduces tiredness and fatigue. You should ideally take a cup of cumin tea to promote good sleep.

In addition to it, taken with the pulp of a ripe banana, one teaspoon of dried cumin seeds are a fantastic remedy of insomnia. Furthermore, cumin seeds also stimulate secretion of various pancreatic enzymes. These, in turn, help in the assimilation of vital nutrients and boosts digestion.


Now, let us talk about another Indian spice that can help you sleep well. It is saffron. When taken with a glass of milk, juice, or even water, a pinch of saffron can help anyone have a sound and peaceful sleep.


Last but not the least, another spice that can help you in sleeping well is fenugreek. It has cooling properties as well. To have the best effect, take some fenugreek leaves, make two tablespoons of juice of them, and have it with a teaspoon of honey. Drink this before bed, and you are guaranteed to have a sound sleep.

Now that you have all this information, we hope they will help you to beat insomnia. Bring the fresh spices home from Ramagya Fresh and sleep peacefully.

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