5 Myths about Spices

India is a subcontinent that is full of diversity, be it in terms of culture, religion, clothing and food. Therefore, it is pretty obvious for one to see the usage of many different spices in different dishes of a particular region. From Chole Bhature in the north to Idli Sambar in the south, from Machcher Jhol of the East to Khaman Dhokla of the west, each state uses its unique blend of spices to make them.

India is known as the ‘Land of Spices.’ Indian spices are exported all over the globe. Stats ay that during FY19, a total of 1.10 million tonnes of spices and spice products valued US$ 2.80 billion was exported from the country.

While spices are used to make the cuisines delicious all around the globe, there are a few misconceptions around them. You must have heard that spicy food can be unhealthy. Someone might even ask you the question:

“What if spices are harmful to your digestive system?”

Let’s look if those myths hold any truth or not.


Spicy Food is Oily:

This is one of the biggest myth people have about spices. Spices do not require too much oil; in fact, spices have their flavouring oil. This flavouring oil gets released while cooking and therefore you need even lesser oil to cook.

At Ramagya Fresh, we take care of retaining the flavouring oil of the spice when it goes through the grinding process, thereby making sure you need to less oil in cooking.

Spices are Unhealthy

Many people in the west have misconception over Indian spices and think that it’s unhealthy. That, however, is not true. Ayurveda has proven that most of the Indian spices have one or the other medicinal qualities in them. They, in fact, are beneficial for our health.



Another myth that goes around regarding spices is that they are spicy. It holds little truth, however. Other than chilli, there are not many spices that are spicy. They are more known for their flavour and aroma, which comes from the oil they have in them. 


More Spices=More Tasty:

The common idea that a food item gets tastier when you add more spices to it is indeed false. While adding it in the proper quantity does increase the taste, more than that ruins it as well. Therefore, it is advised to add only the amount of spice that is needed and enjoy the flavour it brings.


Spices are not unhealthy until you retain their natural property and don’t add preservatives and artificial flavouring. Store them in a dry and air-tight container will help them stay in the purest form. To get them in the first place, do check out the full range of spices brought to you by Ramagya Fresh, from regular grounded spices to varieties of blended spices. 



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